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Qing Normal University lies to the shore of The Huangshui River,in the west of Xining city ---the capital of Qing province,which cover the 691 acres .The institution set up in 1956 , when It was named Qing Normal training school and was extended as Qing Normal college ,in1984,It was named as Qing Normal University. through layout adjustment of the institution of higher learning of Qing province, the original Qing education college mergede Into QHNU in 1997and In 2000, original minority normal training school was added too.
after 47 years construction ,QHNU has made up so pattern as teacher-education is the first and undergraduate course education is the second,and non teacher-education ,adult's higher education ,minority education of two languages of Tibet language and Chinese is the third.In 1994,It is determined as key institute of science department of teaching in two language of Tibet language and Chinese in the west area by the leading group of education cooperation of the five province including Tibet,Sichuan ,Gansu,Qinghai ,Yunnan etc.and It is one of the institutes where athlete of higher level are trained ,and one of the major examing base of country-wide Chinese level (HSK),and the college of major node of of province in CERNET.

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jobs for student department
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subsidiary middle school
college and department
education college
minority normal college The school establishes 2 second colleges , 14 departments ,3 branches ,one research institute of plateau of Qinghai and Tibet ,ecological research institute of plateau of Qinghai and Tibet , research institute of science of education ,one middle school attached to QHNU ,7 authorization points of Master degree ,4 emphasis subjects of province rank ,3 major laboratories of province class ,31 common undergraduate descipline.
important news
chinese department
department of law and politics  
CCERT announcement about W32.Blaster.Worm(draft)
VIP Chinese periodical database of science and technology is dredged in our institution.
VIP Chinese periodical database of science and technology is dredged in our institution.
Gerneral enrollment regulations of Master of QHNU for teachers in institution of higher learning on the job.Append:examination form of qualification(download)
Nation-wide united exam of foreign language and subject is scheduled to hold on October 26 for people of the same educational level who apply for the Master,s degree.
The sixth out-standing achievement award of philosophy and sociology of Qinghai Provincecomes into report in QHNU.
The second exam of graduate student is postponed till the end of May in QHNU by the urgent notice of the general office of Ministry of education.
We are taking overall precautions against SARS in QHNU.
The award jobs for outstanding science research fruit for 2002 will be carried out.
The visiting from CERNET to ChinaNet will be influenced because CERNET is taking the network apart and redesigning route.
A ceremony for signing an agreement for the campus network project of QHNU will be hold in learning report hall of xiaodao base on December 2,in 2002.
The construction project for campus network of west institution of higher leaning is started.
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education department
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department of foreign language
department of mathematics and information
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chemistry department
department of life science  
department of geography and resource environment In QHNU,There are 44 graduate students,48 students studying aboard,5000 common students of undergraduate and training ,about 2000 adult students of undergraduate and training ..The school library is the second library of whole province.In addition, the school has set up a standard stadium with the complete gymnasium of facilities.
There are 892 staff in our institute, including 794 personnel of all kinds of profession,among which There are 45 teachers who have high professional titles ,and 247ones who have second-high professional titles ,378 ones who have middle professional titles.
The school insists on teaching as the center, regarding course developments as the group leader, and continuously deepens reform in education, deepen national Ministry of Education aboutsome opinion concerning enhance teaching
computer department
sports department
minority department
department of social science
international center of education and exchange
department of irrigation teaching
training center of Qinghai institution of higher learning
unit of assistant teaching
undergraduate course of institutes of high learninginto practice ,and completely push forward the character education, enhences continuely teaching quantity ,trains students to adapt to the economy and education of local and social of Qinghai province .
edit office of learned journal
assistant unit
service company
middle school attached to QHNU Till now ,QHNU has already educated roughly 25000 talented person of various profession, trained roughly 13000 people, contributed to the developments of economics and society for Qinghai province.The school insists on promoting teaching with scientific research and positively undertake scientific research item of nation and province , strongly enhance education and studying .Since 1993, obtain 27 scientific research items of nation-rank ,16 scientific research items of Ministry-rank ,57 scientific research items of province-rank, 59 items by all other methods .Up now It has gained 59 patents by appraisal and 115 award projects of scientific research of province -rank and 3 outstanding teaching result prize of national class .G item.The national "863" project -machine translation system of Chinese-Tibet of science and technology which was undertaken by QHNU filled up the hollow of country and in the forward position of the world . Teachers of our school have publicly announced 3695 articles G and published 59 monograph .
scientific research institution
research center forresource environment of qingzang highland
study institute for education and scientific research
research office for locality history
research office for ancient books
laboratory for intellect information dispose and machine interpretation of Tibet language
study institute for highland culture of Qinghai  

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